Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall, fun, friends, food and new plants!

Happy October!

It has been a very exciting past few weeks for the garden and the students.  Since our last post we have had two great cooking experiences, first the 5th grade did a great job looking after the garden and were able to sample some of the produce.  We made a fresh garden pesto using all of our delicious basil and drank refreshing watermelon basil mint juice, also made using the herbs from our garden.  Over 100 fifth graders enjoyed this sampling and were also fortunate to listen to our fantastic guest speaker, Ms. Judy Walden, from the NAM donation garden speak about the importance of donation gardens and organic gardening and natural pest control.  We are very grateful to Ms. Judy for sharing her time and passion regarding the impact if this type of gardening, they donate over 3000 lbs of food each year!!!

Thank you to our 5th grade gardeners and teachers!!!

Due to the great success of our crock pot soup last year in Ms. Mann's class, we decided to treat all 110 students in first grade to a similar experience.  With three crock pots, we made a lovely pasta vegetable soup, using fresh okra, green pepper, yellow squash, basil and oregano all from our garden.  We added some broth and tomatoes and yummy vegetable pasta, and the kids loved it!!!

Our garden club also had its inaugural meeting and it was fantastic.  Ms. Burgess, Mrs. Mann and volunteer Heather Mendez helped make this club meeting a success.  The kids began learning about a composting program that we are going to begin in the school, recycling organic scraps from our cafeteria and watching them slowly turn into a yummy fertilizer for our garden!  Thank you to our super club leaders!

Right now the 4th grade is doing a great job of looking after the garden and have harvested many yummy fruits and vegetables.  The figs on our fig tree have finally begun to ripen and are truly delicious.  They have also picked yellow squash and a few tomatoes.

Thanks to Ms. Sastarch's first grade class, we now have a plentiful harvest of green beans that they planted from seed!

In Mrs. Neskorik's 3rd grade class we had the good fortune of reading some lovely poems in the garden on a beautiful fall afternoon.  We read poems by Robert Frost and some of the kids even got up and "freestyled" their own poems!  This was a huge success, let me know if you would like to do this with your class!?

Have you seen our two fairy gardens courtesy of Mrs. Neskorik and friends, please enjoy them, but be careful of the "treasures" and the prickly cacti!!!

Right now be on the lookout for the new lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, carrots, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, bak choi and much more that has recently been planted!  Also we have many small cucumbers that are getting bigger every day and will make a tasty treat for sure!  Our okra is still growing strong and we will be using it along with the green beans, green pepper, squash, tomatoes and herbs to make a yummy garden soup with kindergarden next week!

If you have any ideas for your class please let me know!  nuzha13@hotmail.com

Have a great day!

Poetry in the garden

Our eagle scout candidate Ikaika Jensen finishes the water catcher!

mmmm green beans!

A pretty, yummy fig

A spider making its web!

Everyone loves our garden tic tac toe!

Beware the tomato horn worm!

Soon to be soup!
Yummy first grade soup!

Pesto and watermelon basil mint juice, more please!!