Saturday, September 27, 2014

Autumn days ahead!

Happy Fall everyone!

The timing could not have been more perfect for the cooler weather to arrive, it came on the very first day of fall!  This time of year is particularly lovely to be outside, before it is too cold and while all the colors and plants are still vibrant and inspiring.

We have had some great visits in the garden in our first month of school, observing, spelling, using our math skills and our five senses.  This coming week we are going to experience our sense of taste with the 5th and 1st grades and will be planning similar events with the rest of the grades as the year unfolds!

We have had a bountiful harvest of okra and eggplant and will be using our garden delights to make a yummy vegetable soup with 1st grade.  You will see in the pictures below that we used our harvest to make patterns, sorting and addition, a great way to use the garden for some classroom lessons!

This Monday, the 5th grade will have the exciting opportunity to hear from the director of the NAM donation garden on what is and the importance of donation gardens.  We will also be making watermelon basil mint juice, and pesto pasta made with all of the delicious basil growing in the garden.

Looking forward we have a number of yellow crookneck squash that are growing along with cucumber, tomatoes and green peppers.  We are excited to plant carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, beets and a number of other fall and winter vegetables as the earth continues to cool down.

Be on the lookout for the garden club as that will be starting soon and we have a number of exciting projects on horizon for both the club and the classroom visit!

See if you can find the frog and other insects in the pictures below!

See you in the garden!

Maryah, Mrs. Roberts, or the "garden lady"

A wonderful proverb that was posted at Moody Gardens.

Can you see the baby squash that is growing??

Their is fungus among us!  Lots of mushrooms growing after all of our heavy rains!

Can anyone tell me what kind of bug this is, perhaps your students could investigate?

Our garden frog, Mr. Hoppy!

Yummy green peppers!

Lovely flowering sage.

Can you see the baby tomatoes growing??

The squash have gotten bigger, cannot wait to eat them!!!

Do you see the little cucumber??

Using our pattern power with first grade!

Sorting from longest to shortest!

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