Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nothing like a fresh rain!

Hello garden friends!

Well if you were lucky you also received some rain in your part of town today, certainly our garden did!  This is a great thing because not only does it give our thirsty plants some water, but it is also considered to be "soft" water.  Rain water has not been treated with the chemicals that are used to clean our drinking water, therefore it has a lower pH and can be easily absorbed by the plants.  We hope to install a rain collection bin in the future and that way we can have a sustainable source of water as well as hands on way to teach students about the acidity and alkalinity of water.

Sooo, lots to see in the garden today, we have our first ripened tomato, with many more to follow and all of our other sprouts are growing and looking well.  It does look like a few of our lettuce leaves have been munched upon as well as one of our baby figs, but all in all things look great!  Check out our pictures to see the progress and for extra fun scroll back to the first pictures and see how much has changed already!

This past weekend my daughter and I were able to visit Washington DC and spend some time at the National Botanical Garden, they have a whole garden dedicated to medicinal plants as well as some vegetables, check out the pictures of the big tomatoes and papaya tree and the information on fruits and their medicinal properties.  There was also this really cool house for kids that had a roof made out of plants!

Also thanks to the team at Reynolds Elementary for a great open house tonight, we are excited for a great year to come.

I will be in the garden tomorrow from 9:15 to 10:45 along with Mrs. Swanson our guest reader so we welcome anyone who is interested to please stop by!

This house had the coolest roof!
Juicy tomatoes at the National Botanical Garden in Washington DC

Information about plants and fruit and their health benefits at the National  Botanical Garden in Washington DC

Look at that papaya! National Botanical Garden in Washington DC

Our rain dropped first ripe tomato!

Our bean plant is on the fast track now!

More bean plants!

Starting to look like lettuce!

Can you tell this is rainbow chard?

These will be yummy carrots in no time!

I say it is almost time to make a pizza with our fresh herbs!?

The lantana and the peach tree are looking peachy! get it!!

Even our fall crotons were happy about the rain today.

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