Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday is garden update day!

Hey there fans of the Reynolds Elementary Garden!

So on this weeks "check up" of the garden there were many exciting new findings.  First, as I walked over to the peach tree I was greeted by a lovely butterfly.  I was happy to see that the lantana and the peach tree that we planted were all doing great.  However, we do have some grass growing into the bed that we will have to combat!  Then I checked on the sprouts and saw a furry little caterpillar hanging around, hopefully we will complete his chrysalis without munching on too many sprouts!  Then as I checked in on our tomatoes, I was happy to see that we have more growing and the ones that were already there are getting bigger every day.  As I was inspecting for new tomatoes I found a huge "tomato horn worm" he was an ugly bugger and was happily munching away on our plant, I did leave him there so that the kids can check him out and understand the difference between "harmful" and "helpful" insects...  That being said I think I will show them as soon as possible so he does not eat all our plants!

Our learning lesson thus far has been that some of our seed was not very good, as you will see in the pictures we have two beds that have almost no sprouts at all.  So, Plants for All Seasons, one of our garden donors, generously gave us more seed which Ms. Neskori will plant with her fifth grade students this Friday.

Our herb garden is lovely its bathtub home and seems to have really enjoyed the rain we received over the past few days.

Also be sure to come for a "book in the garden" this Friday from 9:15 to 10:45.

Enjoy the pictures and will check back in
Our resident butterfly

Hopefully this is NOT the very hungry caterpillar!

Our first enemy, the Tomato Horn Worm!

Can you see the baby tomato?

Here are our lettuce sprouts, I think!

I believe this is a bean sprout!

Our seeds that never sprouted, you garden and learn!

more sprouts!

the three amigos!

A pizza waiting to happen!
next Wednesday!

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