Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall fun in the garden!

Happy fall!

Two cheers for cooler weather!  Time for hot cocoa and even some long sleeves, surviving the Houston summer is always an accomplishment, for us and the plants!

Well I am pleased to report that the garden is doing wonderful, all the plants are enjoying the cooler weather, frequent rain and cooler soil.  Although the tomatoes are taking a bit longer to ripen because we have not had as much direct sun as they would like.

During my garden investigation yesterday I saw some some huge tomatoes, some round ones, small ones and oval or grape shaped ones, a few are starting to ripen but most are still a week or so away.  Good news!  Our green peppers are growing we counted four of them yesterday as well as the first green beans, both the sugar snaps we planted from seed and the transplants that the third graders started in the classroom.  The lettuce, cucumber and cauliflower will not be far behind!

We also saw some free spirited plants that decided to take root outside of the garden bed, a process that we can investigate further and learn just how they managed to travel and take root???

Also our herbs are doing phenomenal and we are in the process of drying a big batch to make a dry spice mix, maybe we can even use this as an idea to make gifts for sale???

I also met a nice family connected to Reynolds, the Father is in charge of running the Farmers Market at Grogans Mill in the Woodlands and the Mother is a Chef!  I am going to see how we can collaborate with them in the near future.  I will keep you updated on that adventure!

As always please let me know how we can make the garden most useful for your class, would there
be a time best for you?  Currently I am there Friday mornings, but if that is only convenient for the younger grades I am happy to work out a new time?  Please email me if you have any thoughts,

Enjoy the lovely weather!
Here is our first green pepper and below is evidence of a hungry guest!

Our oval shaped tomatoes, we had a good lesson about shapes with the Kinder-garden Class.

Our cauliflower is 7 inches tall, thanks to the 1st graders measurements!

Our lettuce is 9 inches, only 3 more till a foot!

All at different points of ripening.

A mama and baby fig leaf!

Can you see our new sugar snap bean growing, it is about to drop its flower.

Here is a bean from the third grade transplants!

We should see some cucumbers start growing soon!

Looks like a project on decomposition being conducted by the Science Club, we will have to ask them!!!???

A big tomato that was just too tempting not to pick!

Checking out the herb garden!

Smelling our basil that will be dried and made into a spice mix for pizza! 
Can you see the little lettuce that is growing on the outside of the bricks??

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