Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy November!

Happy November!

Now that fall is officially here and we have been having lots of rain, our garden life has been changing.  The most noticeable change has been in the watering, we have had to do much less watering as we have had more rain and lower temperatures, allowing the soil to retain the moisture for longer.  You can really see how much our fall plants have been enjoying this cooler weather.  However, the tomatoes are missing their long warm days.  We have many tomatoes on the vine that have not ripened as we have had less direct sun and cooler temps, hopefully they will ripen before it gets colder but if not we might just have some "fried green tomatoes!"

This Friday we will be harvesting some of our butter lettuce for some "green smoothies" as well as making some simple pizzas using our garden grown spice mix!!!  We will be doing this in Ms. Mann's class.

We also have several green beans growing and some green peppers that will be ready to eat soon as well.  If you would like to have a garden in the kitchen activity please let myself or Ms. Mann know!  There are many simple ways we can use what we have growing in the kitchen, a great way to show the effects of heat and how it can change the state and properties of the food.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a specific time or activity that I can help with in the garden!  Otherwise the garden is always open and it is yours to utilize or simply just enjoy!  Here are a few ideas for ways to use the garden quickly and effectively.

Have the kids write a "bio" poem - This can be a simple short poem focusing on rhyming.

Do a color scavenger hunt, split the kids into teams of 3 and assign each team a color and have them bring back 3 examples of that color.

Map the garden or use organic items to glue on a map of Texas or the Continents.

Measure and graph the growth of the plants.

Cook up a simple dish using fresh or dried herbs from the garden!  See what happens to fresh herbs once they are exposed to heat or cold!!??

The green peppers are on their way!

A lovely fall morning!

The cauliflower plants are thriving!

Morning dew... ask your students why this happens!?

The lettuce is ready to eat!

The cucumber is flowering and should be ready soon!

Anyone like pickles?

Green beans!

Snap peas!

Maybe a green bean casserole!?

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