Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lets get planning and planting!

Good morning gardeners!

Now that we have the first week or so of school behind us and we are all getting back into a good routine, we need to think about what comes next!?  We are approaching the optimal time to plant a number of different fruits and vegetables and will be discussing what would be best and most fun to plant this Friday the 17th in the garden.

I had the good fortune this past week to visit a school in the HISD, Kolter Elementary, which has a wonderful garden.  I spoke with their garden coordinator and she gave me lots of sage advice regarding the garden.  I am very excited that we are growing our garden community and I truly believe that we have just begun exploring the learning potential of our outdoor classroom!

This semester our goal will be to continue meeting with students in the garden for some hands on gardening, observation and predictions, as well as more "garden to kitchen" adventures.  Many of you worked with myself and Mr. Ferriante on our pizza and green smoothies as well as the 2nd grade vegetable soup.  Lets get creative and enjoy more time learning and understanding about the science, environment, math, vocabulary and fun that are all a part of growing, harvesting, preparing and enjoying our food!

Currently we have lots of cauliflower and broccoli growing as well as some lettuce.  If anyone has ideas regarding what to plant, lesson plans, or better times to meet in the garden please let me know. 

I hope to see you this Friday, tomorrow the 17th in the garden!

Here are a few pictures of our cauliflower, lettuce and broccoli as well as the garden at Kolter Elementary.

Also here is a link to one of the great activities that Kolter was able to participate in.  Our goal is to participate in the Grogans Mill Farmers Market later this spring!


Our cauliflower is getting bigger!

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