Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you ready for some GARDENING!!!???

Who needs the Superbowl when spring time is just around the corner!?
We have had lots of exciting developments in the garden this past week, the most notable is our collaboration with three Life Scouts that will be working on their Eagle projects at the Reynolds Elementary garden.  The three young men will help us bring our garden to a new level of accessibility, sustainability and new ways for all of our students to utilize the garden.  We are going to move ahead on a special area for our special needs students, as well as creating a wheelchair accessible pathway leading to the garden and finally we will ad environmental practices such as composting, a worm bin and rain collection!
We are also going to be planting seeds with the second grade that can be grown in the classroom, I have many seeds and if any class is interested in growing some seedlings to later be transplanted to the garden please let me know!
We have a new tree that has been donated to us from Plants for All Seasons, and our new Satsuma citrus tree was planted into the ground this weekend.  We also discovered that what we thought were cauliflower that had not yet fruited are actually brussel sprout plants! 
In the past couple of weeks we have also decided to become an affiliate garden with Urban Harvest, a local nonprofit that is dedicated to helping local community gardens grow and thrive, we will be visited by one of their representatives this Monday.
I will be in the garden this Monday at 10 if anyone would like to come and see our new discoveries.  Also if you would like to have a specific time for your class please email me and we can schedule a time just for your class.
Also we still have lots of lettuce if you would like your class to experience and enjoy making "green smoothies" and pizza!??  Please email me to set up a time!
I hope to see you all soon and always welcome and appreciate any and all feedback!
Our fig tree is on its way back!

Life Scouts visit our garden.

Can you see the little brussel sprouts growing?!

This is some good looking broccolini!

Beautiful shades of green!

Getting ready to build another bed for planting!

Mrs. Violet planted our latest addition, the Satsuma tree!

Broccoli and cauliflower growing together.

Here are our brussel sprouts and cauliflower.



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